Monday, December 3, 2007

Buyer Series - Get a Realtor!

I love America! It is filled with opportunity and “can-do” pride. Add this spirit with the knowledge available through man’s greatest invention, the internet, and there is nothing that one can’t accomplish. Never before in history has so much information been available to so many. With such empowerment, it leaves a lot of folks to become “experts.”
With the internet, I can create my own legal documents. I can manage my own stock trades. I can even figure out my own medical problems. All without talking to a lawyer, trader, or doctor. The same is true for home buying. With the internet it is possible to research homes in another town, compare prices, size, features, etc. without ever speaking to a real estate professional. has a great article on the various reasons why buyers should use a Realtor. And you can read through various internet articles that discus how knowledgeable Realtors are with the market and how they can guide you through the information. A good one is written by Crissie Cudd.

However, I think it’s very simple. When my little girl was a baby, my wife always took her to the pediatrician when she got sick. It was such that if she got a little cold, she got a check-up. I use to play the “cheap husband” role by thinking we were just wasting money on co-pay over a runny nose. But many times that little runny nose turned out to be the early signs of an ear infection. Could I have diagnosed the ailment on WebMD? Maybe, but it was nice to have a doctor at my side to reassure me when I’m right and back me up when I don’t know what I don’t know.

As you are about to make the single largest purchase of your life, don’t you want to have someone by your side that provides you similar professional coverage? And the best part is that, typically, there’s no co-pay. For the most part, the Seller is going to pay your bill. Talk about Universal Real Estate Coverage!

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