Friday, December 7, 2007

United We Stand

Let’s remember those Americans who fought and died to give us the freedom we enjoy today.
On this day in 1941, the Japanese empire attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor and crippled the Pacific fleet; sinking five battleships, destroying 200 planes, and killing 2,344 men. As we observe this anniversary, let’s not only pay tribute to those who were there when the brutal attack occurred, but also to those who fought to avenge the many deaths – and to turn back the forces of tyranny.
Part of the value of remembering Pearl Harbor is in recalling the fierce, impenetrable unity of Americans following the attack. We responded as one. We were not separated by divisive politics and inflammatory rhetoric.Today, the threat of terrorism and the courageous effort in Iraq should be uniting forces, but we are seeing once more the growth of dangerous divisiveness between citizens. Too many people condemn their fellow Americans – question their patriotism and love of country -- because they subscribe to political philosophies different from their own.
Conflicting opinions, differing philosophies and the freedom of thought and expression is what sets us apart from those countries living under totalitarian regimes. On this anniversary, let’s pause to pay tribute to the heroes of Pearl Harbor, pledge ourselves to a renewed spirit of unity that has always made America great.

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