Thursday, December 27, 2007

Going Green - It Takes a Community

In 2007, Dominion Valley made its mark in the Commonwealth as a community willing to do its part to assist the electric grid. Dominion Valley continues to rank at the top of Prince William County’s load management profile. For about three years, all new homes were enrolled in a program that installed switches on outside air conditioning units. During the summer, these switches are activated during peak demand periods to cycle units off for about 7-8 minutes every half-hour. Activation does not cause any noticeable change in the comfort level. This year, the number of households enrolled in load management nearly doubled. Now approximately 50% of the households in the Dominion Valley community are enrolled. This is the highest participation level for load management of any large community in Virginia. While there is no direct monetary incentive to participate, holding down the cost of providing power, helps reduce future rate increases.

Dominion Valley should be proud of the reputation it has earned as a community that embraces better energy solutions.

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